Here is an fun idea where my son had the initial idea. I developed it further in terms of the concept. I'm not a game developer, so if there is a game company out there who thinks it would be a good idea to develop it further, let me know (it's not a give away ;-).

Most of you are probably aware of the classic labyrint board game with the shiny metal ball you are supposed to guide to the end of the labyrint without falling into the  devestating hole. There is a modern variant on it where the labyrint or track takes place inside a transparent plastic globe and there is a colorful 3D track inside with a tiny metal ball that you are supposed to balance through different obstacles. Very addictive.

Why not make something similar in a digital world? So, I designed some balls, each with both a visual personality as well as a performance personality in terms of how it behaves: Light, heavy, soft, hard, polished or ruff surface etc. Then you can also set your own levels of performance. Instant success! Then one can chose many tracks and get to new levels, etc. You get the picture. 

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