Virtual Encyclopedia 2.0

The headline of todays topic is Wikipedia 2.0. Maybe not so impressive, OK, what if we merge Wikipedia with the talents of the best computer animators from Hollywood or from the gaming industry. To bring Wikipedia alive. I came up with this idea after having discussed with a friend, (who is a teacher and both of us have kids in school) how the school system is way behind the information society we live in, with the amazing technical development we have achieved the last, say 20 years, but the school system seems to be still standing still in many ways. The school system, as it has been for many many years does not fit many if the children. When I went to school i had problems learning due to the lack of inspiration. In order to learn easily, you need to be inspired and have fun. There are teachers out threre who can engage students, but that is an art in it self. Then you have the school material that needs to be engaging and up to date.  My conclution is that  it’s far more efficient if one has fun learning. You might not even realise that you are learning if you can design a tool that is smart enough,.There are tools out ther on the internet, good and bad, but very scattered. What I was looking for, was something more. The BIG Picture, a global view on things. I saw it as Earth as a starting point and then ad the four dimsions, space 3D and Time. This gives us two parameters: When and Where.  If you have Earth, just like Google Earth (like I used in my EARTH! Project) and then you simply deside When on the time line and Where on the planet. By that you have covered the history of Eath and Man + the geography. By chance, I stumbled onto a similar solution for a solar system app. Which is amazing: The Solar Walk. So, by adding the the rest of of our knowlege beyond our planet, building up as much as one can in 3D, you have covered the knowlege of astronomy. You can go on and on, adding information, tools like What, Why, etc. But the point here is that the  user will be exposed to 3D animated videos, movie clips, images, text in a spectacular way that makes the user engaged. The platform could be connected to social media as well as being like Wikipedia, supported by the users with information. If we have fun learning without realizing that we are learning, everyone has the possiblilty (if you have access to the Internet) to learn and we will at the same time take a lot of the burdon from our teachers. Check this guy out: Sugata Mitra ( He knows what, i know how.

I am aware that this is a gigantic task to realize but it’s doable and I would not be surprized if a company starting with a G would be the one to have the means to do it.

 It’s almost like an alternative Internet…! In 3D

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