The answer to the planets enironmental problems

For about 20 years ago I was invited to a seminar about the environmet & design. There were a lot issues talked about, the global environmental impact of agriculture and livestock farming. That we convert crops to livestock in order for us to be able to eat meat. I was baffled. I had always thought that a vegetarian was only into it due to feeling sorry for the cow. A realtive of mine told me to watch ”Cowspiracy” on Netflix (or you find it at: I saw it yesterday, and again, wow. I already new it, but watching those figure and seeing that the environmental problem of the world is not cars, electricity etc. in that extent, which media is feeding us with that picture. It’s not easy to give up the car or to change the whole car industry to an environmental path, but to stop eating meat and dairy products is easy, purely from a techical point of view. The thing is that how many of us wants to or are prepared to do so? Can you imagin the magnitude of the political and economical power and machinery behind. Is that the war of the future? The war against or for the steak and cheese on this planet. We are about 7 bilion people and we farm about 20 bilion livestock. It takes 20 times more land to grow livestock than growing crops! With other words, if we stop eating meat and dairy products we can feed the poor, may times over. Food shortage is bullshit!

Bilions are starving and we grow more crops for the livestock that for our selves! I wiill take away meat and dairy from our family menue bit by bit, without the kids noticing, he he, but seriously cut down, to start with.

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